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Laws, Notions and Categories

The category of Ontóbia (ontological force)

The notion of Life

The notion of Love

The notion of Progress

The notion of the Foreign Policy Potential

The Law of Geoeconomics: The Law of Poles

The Law of Geostrategy: The Law of  the Center of Power

The Law (First Principal) of Social Development,

or the Law of Social Power

The Law (Second Principal) of Social Development,

or the Law of Social Knowledges

He only earns his Freedom and Existence, 

Who’s forced to win them freshly every day.


Alex Battler—professor of political science, economics, and international relations, and widely known under the pen name Oleg Arin—is a Marxist Canadian scholar and political writer whose interests encompass a wide range of social and natural sciences disciplines.

My works in Russian   www.olegarin.com


Knowledge of force equals force of knowledge.

Life begins only with man.

Force, like a woman, loves to make


The latterin society; the formerin the light of laws.

The West is doomed, if only because

It no longer tells man from woman.

Man appeared in the universe by chance,

but mankind must survive by regularity.

Two things are needed in national security policy:

first enemies; second allies. And alwaysmoney.

Either capitalism will destroy Russia, or Russia will destroy capitalism.