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A complete list of articles can be found at www.olegarin.com  (in Russian)

Dear readers, I would like to say that all of my articles are written in a publicistic, attacking style that quite contrasts to my academic books.


Putin’s Valdai Club speech as a reflection of Russian if-only-ism

Russian-Georgian conflict: victory or defeat?

President Putin’s address to the Russians

Putin as a mirror of Russia gone mad

Russia: the West’s illusions and the Russians’ Russians’ self-deception

«Mundial» Russia, or, when will «mundism» come to an end?

Terror in Russia: causes and effects

Elections in Ukraine: a chance for Russia

Russia: two worlds, one fate

Oligarchs in the clutches of dollargasm

Russia under the yoke of the cross (Letter to a Canadian friend)

Russia’s Place in the Geoeconomic Space

Problems of Education in Russia

Russia: march to the execution, or more on Russian capitalism

Russia: land of slaves, land of masters

Reality of Russian Systemic Crisis

About three Valentina

Geniuses and Schmucks in incurable Russia

Delicate, but "ever fresh" subject

Yevgeny Primakov to head the Intelligence Service? Why Not...

Authority and Science or What You Plant Is What You Reap

Glastnost in the snare of foreign policy and international relations


International Relations

Integration or reunification?

The contours of the world in the first half of the 21st century and a little further (theory)

From Internationalization to Global Integration: Theory and Practice

The Evolution of the Concept of Security after the End of the Cold War

National interests, national and international security

Criticism of A. G. Yakovlev’s bipolarity concept

Review by Alex Alraf (Alex Battler) on the book: William Gay and T.A. Alekseeva, eds. On the Eve of the 21st Century: Perspectives of Russian and American Philosophers.



N. M. Karamzin and the South Kuril Islands

China through Russian Eyes

Hong Kong is not Xianggang, and Macau is not Aomenitle

Japan: Traditions and Foreign Policy

Polemic notes of a Japanese affairs specialist

Property should be returned to rightful owner



The West and Russia: a dialogue between Alex Battler and Oleg Arin

Of England – without prejudice and without affection

Germany, Donnerwetter!

Strolling in Italy

Spain and Portugal: not in the “golden billion” club, but in a very gilded one

Return to Motherland



The triad of life, or, what is the meaning and the goal of life?

Political boomerang

(in connection with the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya)

Philodoxy of the philistine and scientific thinking 

Boomerang: responses to book reviews

Weakness vs. Force